• Do I need to be familiar with the traditional chakra system?

    No, you do not. However, it does help to have some level of understanding of what the chakras are so you have something to reference from.

  • How do I know this course is for me?

    You are someone who is interested in raising your consciousness and interested in quantum healing or science and spirituality. You may be someone who works with chakras on yourself or others and you want to have a deeper more advanced way of working with the multidimensional aspects of the humans chakra system.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome To The Chakra UPgrade Series

    2. A little Bit About Me

    3. BEcoming an UPgraded human

    4. What is light language?

    1. Intro To the Chakra Upgrade Chapter

    2. Foot chakra

    3. Root (or lack there of)

    4. Sacral Chakra

    5. Belly Button Chakra

    6. Solar Plexus Chakra

    7. Hand Chakra

    8. Lower Heart Chakra

    9. Lower Throat And Throat Chakra

    10. Nasal & Third Eye Chakra

    11. Crown Chakra

    12. Soul Star Chakra

    13. Stellar Gateway Chakra

    1. 1st Dimension Overview

    2. 2nd Dimension Overview

    3. 3rd Dimension Overview

    4. 4th Dimension Overview

    5. 4th Dimesion Overview PART 2

    6. 5th Dimension Overview

    7. 6th Dimension Overview

    8. 7th Dimension Overview

    9. 8th Dimension Overview

    10. 9th Dimension Overview

    11. 10th Dimension Overview

    12. 11th Dimension Overview

    13. 12th Dimension Overview

    1. Pulling It All Together

    1. Chakra UPgrade Meditation

    2. The Expansion Doesnt Stop Here

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